Inch by Inch

“Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.” – Louis L’Amour

This quote basically explains my whole CrossFit life. Since the first day that I started CrossFit I have made progress. Although, I don’t always notice it that well because it happens in such small increments. When I started CrossFit I could not do much when it came to physical fitness. I could not do pull-ups, handstands, muscle-ups, lift all the weight that I can now. Sometimes I forget that is where I started. My physical abilities in CrossFit have improved dramatically since the first day that I walked into the box. They have just been small changes that have happened over 5 years. Slowly I started working on my pull-ups, then I got chest to bar pull-ups, and now I can do muscle-ups. I remember the first time I did the workout Fran, which is 21-15-9 reps each of thrusters, and pull-ups. The first time I did Fran I had to use a 45 lb bar, and did jumping pull-ups. Now I can do Fran as prescribed with 65 lb’s and butterfly pull-ups in under five minutes. It probably took me at least ten minutes the first time I did it. I have slowly inched myself into an amazing athlete without even realizing it most of the time. Inching our way to the top is how it works for most if us in life. If you are feeling frustrated about where you are, then just look at where you started. Realizing how far you have come makes where you currently are a whole lot more great. Just don’t give up and keep moving foreword!