The CrossFit Open

The open is upon us. Every year we all work hard and do our best to try and make ourselves better. Sometimes though we forget how far we have come, but there is one time a year where we get to prove how far we have come. The open is when we prove our fitness to ourselves, to the world, and to whom ever else we want. We push ourselves to the limit, we get personal bests, and first times. We have fun and we throw down with all of our friends. Not only is the open fun for the community, but competing in it year after year proves to be quite motivating. It gives us something to train for as a community. We are not only training for just health, but we are now also training for the open. We want to do good in the open, beat our friends, and get the best score possible. We want to be able to look back years from now and see how much we have improved. I know that when I redo open workouts and get a better score than I did the first time I did it that it becomes a real confidence booster. I can see what progress I have made year after year, and know that I am improving and that I am getting better. The open is the best community competition of the year, and I know that I look forward to it, and get excited every week waiting to hear what the workout will be. I have fun competing with my friends, and trying to do the best that I can. The open is my favorite time of the year. It brings us all together to have some fun, put in hard work, and just throw down with some awesome fitness. So get ready for the next five weeks of fun!