Never Grow Up

“Refuse to grow up!! You have the rest of your life to act old!!” Geoff Westmoreland, Masters CrossFit Athlete

Why does everyone feel like they have to grow up and completely lose their childhood? Why can’t we embrase the fun side of our childhood while stilling being able to be mature and adult at the same time? I know that I am still a child on the inside. I am into super heroes, and Harry Potter, I collect pop figurines, and love disney movies. For some reason though society would say that those things are childish and that I need to grow up. I disagree with society though, I like to embrase my dorky inner child side and enjoy the things I like. At the same time though I am still mature and adult when I need to be, I run a business, and go to school full time. I think that as long as we can be mature when we need to be that we can also embrace our inner child when we want to. We need to enjoy life, have fun, and not worry about what society thinks is appropriate. As long as we are ourselves though thats what matters. Just be yourself, enjoy life and have fun because life is to short to be adult and mature all the time.