Hard Work Out Works Talent

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”- Tim Notke

There are many talented people in this world. They were gifted to be great in something specific for what reason we do not really know. There are people who are gifted in basically everything out there. There are talented chefs, runners, crossfitters, accountants, entrepreneurs, readers, weight lifters, and so on. Some people are talented in more than one thing, and some people are talented in even more than that. It just depends on the person and what they do. There are people who may love something like weight lifting, but may not be overly talented at weight lifting even though they work incredibly hard at it. There are also people who are very talented at weightlifting, but they either do not try very hard or do not do it at all. Although just because we are not the most talented at something does not mean we should not pursue it, and just because someone is talented at something does not mean they should pursue it. If weight lifting is something you truly love doing but you are not the best at it does not mean you should not do it. If you truly love it you should defiantly do it, but you just may not be the best weight lifter in the world. It may be best to just do it recreationally and have fun with it. This can be applied to anything that someone loves doing in their life.

Now there are people out there who are incredibly talented at something like weight lifting and they pursue it only because they are talented at it, not because they love it. These people usually do not make it to the top because they do not love doing it. They do the bare minimum, they don’t put a whole lot of hard work into it, and never make it as far as outside sources want them to. This is not the worst thing ever, but if they don’t love it then why do it. If someone does not love something or can not put 100% into something then why do it. They should find something that they love to do that they will put 100% of their energy into and be successful with. You only live once so do something that makes you happy and that you enjoy, not something that you hate doing.

The people that may not be the most talented in something like weight lifting can be better and do better than someone who is only talented in it and does not work for it. It takes a lot of hard work to get really good at something. If someone wants to be the best at it, then they need to put 100% effort into it 100% of the time. This applies to someone who is very talented at that thing, or someone who is not the most talented but loves that doing that thing a lot. If that person with the talent does not put 100% effort into this thing because they think they don’t have to because they are talented then they will leave room for someone else to come in and beat them. Those people that put all the hard work into what they love all the time will be successful at it. That is just the way it works, because you can not just wait around for something great to happen, you have to make it happen. People who think that eventually something great will come their way could be right, but they do not know when or if it will ever happen. When people go out and put in the hard work now will most defiantly get the success they want at some point. It might not be tomorrow, next month or next year, but it will come eventually if they keep putting in the work. Don’t be one of those people that sandbags and doesn’t work hard for their goals. Work hard everyday while doing something you love, because if you truly love it does it even count at work?